Individual One to One Service

Constant one to one support and guidance with extra support for nutrition and life style.

Power Assisted Equipment

Easy to use gentle equipment design to assist and support you in your exercise program. Helps achieve your goals whether you recovering from illness or age related health symptoms.

Improves Muscle Tone and Strength

Our gentle exercise program delivers steady improved muscle tone and strength, with low impact on joints and ligaments.

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Special Machines for Special Areas.

All our exercise machines are specially designed to work on different areas of the body and muscles. A thirty minute program on our complete range of exercise machines enables your to improve muscle tone and strength the whole body.

Please view the diagrams for each muscle group

Our muscle group page is coming soon.


Next Steps…

Exercise is good for a healthy body and mind why not take that first  step to a happier and healthier you, call today for free trial.

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